A heart-lifting sunset, an indescribable blue. This is the island that has inspired each of its settlers, who have contributed to a rich cultural identity. There are so many ways to lose your heart to Zakynthos. 

There’s no heart capable of resisting the beauty of Zakynthos’ most photographed spot. It’s Shipwreck Beach, of course. Electrifying blues, a dramatic rockface backdrop and the mysterious shipwreck at its centre.

When it comes to Zakynthos, the colour of love is blue. But not just any blue. It shimmers and shines, running through the shades – from navy to turquoise and back again. Head to the Blue Caves to the north of the island.

Enjoy a nibble of a local sweet and you’ll be hooked. There’s Mandolato (nougat and roasted almonds), pasteli (sesame-and-honey bars) and semolina-based fitoura.  You’ll discover aromatic honey (from bees feeding on local mountain herbs) and peppery olive oil. Or perhaps cheeses (smooth myzithra or spicy graviera), fruit (sweet melons and wild strawberries) and any number of specialities are available from local producers.

Every great love affair needs the spark that ignites it. Zakynthos offers its in the form of sunsets. The one we’ve chosen for you is near Keri village, eating a romantic dinner-for-two at a taverna high up on the cliffs.

The Venetians called Zakynthos Fiore di Levante, the Flower of the East. Every inhabitant and settler seems to have been inspired by the island. So for your inspiration, head to Bochali, a small village on a promontory at the back of the main town. Here you can explore a Venetian Castle and become acquainted with Dionysios Solomos, a local 19th-century poet who wrote the Hymn to Freedom that gave birth to the Greek national anthem.

Zakynthos has so many beaches to choose from. To feel close to nature, head to Gerakas which (beyond the fine sand and shallow blue water) is a protected nesting site for sea turtles. The umbrellas and sunbeds have been placed away from the protected zones and access is forbidden after sunset. For a feeling of discovery, head to Porto Limionas (more of a bay than a beach). Keri beach is considered one of the most picturesque and family-friendly, with clear, shallow waters and fine pebbles. Agios Nikolaos, taking its name from a little chapel to one side, is one of the liveliest and most fun-filled, with many water sports. And, finally, Porto Vromi (near the boats heading to Shipwreck Beach), a secluded, narrow beach that isn’t so busy.

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